Ahhh...we do enjoy a nice walk aroind the graveyard. Don't you?

We find it is especially enjoyable in the Dead of Night.

You know... when the moon is full and high in the sky; when the headstones shine and glitter and the flowers and grass whisper the names of the dead in the gentle breeze.

Yes. That's the best time to go for a walk in the graveyard.

You never know who you might bump into.

Only the other night we bumped into a lovely (and rather delicious) woman called Amelia who told us she had been dead and buried for the past three hundred years. Considering she was over three hundred years old....she didn't look a day over twenty five!

Now, that's what we call well-preserved!


How beautiful is our Dead and Buried Coffin Skirt? 

How bad do you need this skirt in your dark and deadly wardrobe?

It's just perfect for any occasion - an night on the town draining the blood of the locals, a walk in the graveyard in moonlight, or even popping to the local shop if you run out of herbs needed to cast your latest wicked spell!

It's simply versatile in every way!


Fabric - Stretch Crush Velvet

Style - Tight fitting hobble skirt, handcrafted in a coffin gathered design.

Length - as desired


Back Zip Fastening

Chiffon trim.

Colours - Black, Red, White, Purple, Forest Green, Pale Pink, Wine.

Sizes - UK 6 to 34 or Made to Measure.

Made to Order Only.


What are you waiting for?

Get this stunner in your coffin and buy now! Then let us do the rest.

Be sure to check out all of our stunning handcrafted designs.

Questions? Email us - we promise not to bite..... ;) 


Dead and Buried Velvet Coffin Skirt

    Until Hallowe'en
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