People say that Witches don't have any feelings.

Well thats not quite correct!

You see, Witches do have feelings; most of them bad, wicked, evil, demonic... the list is endless.

But they also have another feelings; the feeling of sorrow.

And boy, they really let eveyone know when they are sorrowful!


Take Wendy, the witch who lives next door to the pub on the main road.

She only went and poisoned her hubby; regretted it... and was in sorrowful mourning for years!

And let's face it - you don't want to be around a Witch in Mourning!


Well, you may well end up deader than dead yourself!


How cute is our Mourning Witch Dress?

A little bit Victorian, a little bit Lolita.. and quite a lot DEADLY!

Handcrafted to your measurments (or regular size), it is made in beautiful crush velvet and delicate lace.

We have given it a high Empire Waist and full gathered skirting which falls to thigh length (we can do longer if desired - email us).

The neckline is low with a stunning lace bow and lucky silver spider.


It's rather spellbinding!


Want this in a different colour - email us!



The Mourning Witch Dress

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