They do say that the beautiful land of Hollywood will drain the life out of you, don't they?

Well you know, it's probably the truth!

Look at all those Hollywood starlets of yesteryear; always immacualte and beautiful....they never seemed to age!

And another thing... they generally looked DEAD INSIDE!


Well, let us tell you a secret.....they were really UNDEAD!

And our Vampish Veronica was one of the most beautiful; known for all eternity as the Hollywood Vampire.

She drank  so much blood the local Emergency Room used to call her if they were running short of O- Negative!

True we're told!


As is the case here in the House of Goth, we like to pay homage to the great Vamps of our this case our Veronica, The Hollywood Vampire Dress.


Created in either polka cotton or polka satin, our dress is fully fitted, just as it should be...

We have given it a vintage style bustline and deep angular tulle frill at the hemline.

To give the waist definition, we have incorporated a faux black belt with dainty buttons.


This dress is fully lined, with a back zip fastening.


Made to order in UK Standard Sizes 6 - 34 or custom made to measure.

We do not charge extra for larger sizes, or for our made to measure service.

Veronica, The Vampire of Hollywood Vintage Style Dress

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